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Brad is a fourth generation Palomar Mountain resident, president of the Bailey Historical Society, and author of ‘Images of America: Palomar Mountain.’

Terri shares her own family recipes as well as recipes from the historic Bailey family cookbooks that archive recipes from pioneer to present day cooks.

Together they operate Bailey’s Palomar Resort, and are often contributors on


Modern Day Pioneer Women

The Big Eye and Little Green Men

Welcome to the Shire

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recipes from Palomar Mountain

The Bailey Recipe Section
Getting the family back around the table is as important as the ingredients in a recipe. It’s honoring the past and making new memories.

Sharing recipes and ingredients, and how they get to us, can be a global journey. It’s as old as the spice trade, when the early explorers were discovering new worlds and new flavors, like cardamom, cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate. It gave us the ability to share more with each other, and to connect with places we may never get to visit. How? you ask.

The magic of a recipe is that it let’s us get together to create, enhance, revamp and enjoy a favorite cookie, cake, sauce, fruit or vegetable dish. I am fortunate to have this recipe section do just that– “share.”

I will be sharing recipes from the historic Bailey family cookbooks, from pioneer to present day cooks, adding favorites from my own rich heritage as we go along. Delicious recipes, rich in history, with a touch of story telling.

My tried and true combinations will enhance your tables, your knowledge, and hopefully inspire you to create a memory or two. So, lets get cookin.’

Terri Rubio Bailey
“Sharing a little of ourselves today, helps our spirits live on tomorrow.”