Christmas in a Cup – Mike’s Hot Buttered Rum

Winter holiday season on Palomar Mountain always includes a cup of something warm in my hand.  As we get ready to snuggle up by a cozy fire, admiring our Christmas tree and reflecting on the year passing by, I will be holding my Christmas-In-A-Cup Hot Buttered Rum! (In mine - no rum, just hot butter mix. Yum! )

This tradition began in the mid 1600's when molasses was traded between colonial America and our neighbors in Jamaica.  As distilleries began to open in New England, good ole’ American ingenuity kicked in and rum was added to the molasses.   Hot Buttered Rum was born along with Eggnog, and standard drink-ware was the “nog” - a simple wooden cup.  Popular ingredients were apple cider, cinnamon, butter, and of course rum.

This is still a seasonal favorite - that can even be added to hot chocolate (sans rum).  And it's so very popular I’ve chosen to share the recipe again this year!

Keeping it Bright!
Terri Bailey

Terri Bailey Presents Mike’s Hot Buttered Rum Mix

½ lb. Butter
2 c.   Vanilla Ice Cream
1 ¾ c. Powder Sugar
1¼ c.  Brown Sugar
½ tsp. of each: Allspice, cinnamon, Nutmeg,

Melt Butter, mix into Ice Cream, Combine sugars and spice together, and add to Ice Cream and Butter mixture.  Chill for two hours or until solid.
Add, two “Heaping” tablespoons of the Ice Cream mix, to 8 oz. of boiling water, add hot chocolate mix or Rum as needed.
Cuddle up in front of the fire with loved ones.

* Recipe Share: Mike Cotter - Christmas, 1990