Deviled Eggs

What came first the chicken or the egg? Well, as you ponder that question, I will be sharing on the latter. The Incredible, edible, egg! A gluten free, protein packed, super food. We scramble it, we poach it, we fry it, we dye it. We love our eggs! Our country alone goes through close to 5 million eggs a year, and that isn’t counting back yard chickens.

My recipe share for summer: “ The Deviled Egg ”

Okay, here are some fun facts: The honor of the stuffed egg dates back to Ancient Rome, yes, the Italians win the prize for the oldest recipe for a stuffed Egg.

I found recipes from all over Europe, explaining the traditions surrounding the egg, and the ingredients to make them.

The French call them: Mimosa. Hungarians call them: toltott tojas, which means stuffed eggs. Sweden calls them: Fyllda agg, also stuffed eggs.
We Americans call them: “Deviled Eggs.”

As the recipe traveled around Europe, and immigrants began to travel to the new world, recipes and traditions came with them. Eventually, the hot spicy version was introduced to the world with the addition of cayenne pepper, giving birth to the name “ Deviled Eggs.”

Depending on where you come from, stuffing of the egg is a matter of ingredients on hand. I have included a basic recipe here. Stuffed eggs are a family favorite of ours, we use ours  for our Sunday dinner appetizer. We have added a variety of tasty ingredients over the years. We are European, Latino, Japanese, French, Puerto Rican, and Middle Eastern so, I can advise you to be creative. The sky is the limit on your stuffing. When I get really creative and make Salsa deviled eggs or Chorizo deviled eggs or Wasabi deviled eggs.

What can I say, The Devil made me do it! Happy Summer!
Terri Rubio Bailey
The Devil Made Me Do it !

6 Hard boiled eggs, peeled cut eggs in half length wise, remove yolk
1/4 cup mayonnaise, or sour cream
1 T. Mustard ( try different varieties )
1/4 T salt
1/4 T. Pepper pinch of sugar
1 T. onion ( whichever variety you prefer)
Cayenne Pepper for dusting the tops
* If you want a milder taste use Paprika (Looks nice, not hot)

Combine egg yolks with mayo, add spices and any other ingredients you want to add.
Fill egg white shells, with the yolk filling, garnish Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
Garnish: Dill, paprika, cayenne pepper, capers, smoked salmon.