1. Where is Palomar Mountain?
Located 90 min from San Diego North East, 2 hours South,East of Los Angeles

2. Do cabins have kitchens?
Yes, each is fully equipped, BBQ, too.

3. Is there wifi?
Yes, spotty but good.

4. Do you have satellite T. V. ?
No, DVD Only ( byo)

5. What do I do when I arrive?
Guest check in in at Kiosk? Escort to cabin

6. Can I bring my own firewood?
No, we supply free wood.

7. Where is the nearest store?
1 mile to Palomar general store 1 hour to large grocery store

8. Are you doggie friendly?
Yes, always on a leash.

9. Can I hike at Bailey's?
Yes, on marked roads and trails.

10. Can I drink the water?
Yes! Artesian spring water on tap.

11. Is there a restaurant on site?
No, Bring your own food. Local Restaurant, Mothers Kitchen, 1 mile Casinos and other restaurants, 20 miles.

12. Do you host Weddings?
Yes, June through October.

13. How do schedule a visit?
You can schedule an appointment here.  Visits are by appointment only. No drop ins please.

14. Is there gas station on the mountain?
No, fill up first.