Give Me Some More!

That was the chant, as the best campfire dessert was being passed around, and finally shorted to; S’more.

The book, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, dated 1927, is where the s’more makes its first appearance. Of course the Girl Scouts would have created this campfire treat. They are ever ready and are well known historically for their camp skills.

My recipe of the month, is a menu of some of the newest combos being tried around our campfires, at Baileys Palomar Resort, Luxury camping, or "Glamping as it is called today”. We offer a gourmet kit for our Luxury campsites.  A more grown-up version of the tried and true variety.

Gram crackers, marshmallows add a square or two of chocolate.  Melted over a camp fire, under the stars. 
Doesn’t get much better than that. Webster's list the Moon Pie, as a close cousin to the S’more. Today's, Pop Tarts are also considered a S’more treat. 

August 10th is National S’mores Day! So, you have plenty of time to get your best recipe together and honor one of our oldest campfire traditions.

Okay here is how it is done:
First: set up the gram crackers on a table, with chocolate square on top. Next, put your marshmallow on the stick, (you can purchase a marshmallow roaster from a camping store, or bend a coat hanger into a long stick.

Caution! Always, have adult supervision when around fire. 

Once your Marshmallow has caught fire, let it burn, but, not to long. Set it on the chocolate, put the top cracker on, and there you have it, S’mores. 

Or that’s what you’ll be saying!

Weather you're going for something different or the tried and true version, it's a great treat before you start your campfire sing-along or your story telling for the night.

Have a wonderful summer, and please, yell: S’more!

See you around the camp fire,

Terri Bailey

Girl Scouts safety tip:  when around a campfire, wear a bandana scarf on your head to prevent your hair from accidentally catching on fire.