Top Down Dogs

Imagine your perfect end-of-summer meal, odds are you’re not coming up with a hot dog, right? Chances are your thinking of a nice burger, or steak.

Well, hold the phones!!! Hot Dogs are not just for midweek snacks or the kid’s table. Try to resist the urge of your go-to condiments of yellow mustard and good old Heinz.

Take a few minutes to think about your favorites toppings and start there, I’ve included the top 4 favorites. Just build from that!

Mix it up Classic condiments:
Mayo and Old Bay seasoning, katsup and sun dried tomato paste, maple syrup mustard, BBQ sauce and hot sauce, sweet and sour relish, the combos are endless, try your favorites, and ask for suggestions.

Grill your dogs and veggies, assemble your condiments and toppings, and let the fun begin! Don’t forget the buns.

Grilled Veggies
Corn, (grill and remove from cob) Peppers, (jalapenos and bell)
Tomatoes, Purple Onion, mushrooms, Squash (sliver)

The Crunch
Carrots, plain or pickled, Cabbage, Dill Pickles sweet and sour, lettuce, scallions

Dog Stars
#1. Ingrid B. is for Bratwurst Dog: top with grilled onion, maple mustard, pickled cabbage on a Kaiser bun.
#2 Sweet and Sour Dog: Chipotle sauce Sweet dill pickle relish, and grilled corn on a whole-wheat bun
#3 Down to Earth Dog: Old Bay Mayo, Pickled Carrots, Grilled peppers and squash on a white bun
#4 Hot Diggity Dog: Sun dried tomato Katsup, Scallions, Grilled peppers, on a French roll
#5 Take me out to the ball game Dog: Old Bay mayo, maple mustard, grilled onion, on a white bun.

Have a great time coming up with grill favorites of your own.
We have had a fabulous summer at Baileys Palomar Resort; we’ve enjoyed sharing recipes and grilling up a storm! Luxury campers have taken camp grilling to a whole new level.
Thanks for stopping by the recipe page. Love to hear from you,
Let’s Katsup,
Terri Bailey

Hot Dog Toppings