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And here we find the Six Upstairs Bedrooms.  Each has its former hotel room number on the door. The look and feel upstairs is virtually the same as it was during the golden years at Bailey’s between two Great Wars. The rooms are setup just as they were then – you can almost envision our guests from decades gone by, as they unpack and relax after their journey up the mountain by the Bailey’s Hotel Stage.

As you ascend the stairs, please notice the six rooms off the common hallway. And note that each door is marked with a brass numeral (just like in the old days).

The single bathroom at the top of the stairs has both a claw-foot tub (now for décor only) and a modern built-in shower. The common bathroom was the customary arrangement during the first half of the 20th century, and is still widely used widely in
Europe today.

The Blue Room – Turning to the right you find Room #1. It occupies a corner of the second story with a window to the east, and another to the north overlooking the meadow. This room provides the best of the morning light and would suit an early riser.

The Blue Room has a standard double bed and an interior adjoining door (lockable) to Room #2 on the left. There has been a console-type treadle sewing machine and antique rocker in this room for as long as we can remember. Please note that each of the antique bed frames were used at the resort during the 1920s, and each bed is covered with the original style of hand sewn antique quilt.

The Green Room – To the left we have Room #2 with its two north facing windows and an unobstructed view of the meadow below.

The Green Room contains a standard double bed and has an interior (lockable) door adjoining room #1 on the right. This room seems to be a favorite of long term guests – we were told that this was Cecil B. DeMille’s room while he was on the mountain filming the silent movie “The Virginian” in 1913.

The Bridal Suite – And it’s not just a clever name. Over the years Room #3 has been the traditional honeymooner’s suite, providing a welcome evening’s sanctuary for many a newly-wed couple. Often times the wedding ceremony was performed under Theodore’s hardwood trees in the meadow below.

Fittingly, Room #3 also houses our collection of wedding day photographs taken at the resort over the years. The Bridal Suite is the largest of the upstairs rooms containing a queen-sized bed as well as a fine collection of period furnishings. The north and west facing windows provide a late morning shaded light that may suggest a more leisurely start to the day.

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The Twin Bedroom – Located in the southwest corner of the second floor, Room #4 seems to be the kid’s favorite. These matching bed frames were purchased for the resort around 1910. Between them is another treadle sewing machine that folds down into a table for the mysterious “disappearing / reappearing seamstress” act (kids, don’t try this at home). Staying in the room closest to the old General Store and Dance Hall was a memorable experience. As children we all remember going to sleep to the sounds of square dancing on Saturday nights just outside the windows.

The Walnut Room – Room #5 is the most serene retreat in the house. With a large window to the south, and shaded by a glen of towering oak trees, the light seems to weave a whimsical tapestry as the summer winds rustle the dark green canopy overhead (feel a novel coming on?). But seriously folks, it’s a truly lovely environment which hosts a double bed along with some of the original walnut furnishings brought to mountain in the 1890s. An interior adjoining door (lockable) connects to Room #6 on the left.

The Rose Room – Known for years as “The Present Room” for the collection of wedding gifts it once held, Room #6 boasts yet another spiral iron bed frame. The bed is covered with a handmade quilt composed of multiple antique handkerchiefs, each an embroidered delight in itself. The rose room is located at the top of the stairs, in the southeast corner of the second story and has a superb morning view. It has an interior door (lockable) connecting with room #5 on the right.

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